Worldwide Gross
Domestic Gross
Foreign Gross
Opening Weekend Revenue
Opening Weekend Theaters
Opening Weekend per Cinema
Audience Rating
Critic Rating
Worldwide Gross
Domestic Gross
Foreign Gross
Audience Rating
Critic Rating

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This plot shows financial and rating data about recent films. Some findings from using this data:
  • Paranormal Activity made so much money from such a small budget that is blows all of the scales for profitability.
  • Tangled cost a lot, but didn't bring in nearly as much as other big budget movies.
  • The critics liked Drag me to Hell a lot more than the audiences - how could anyone not like that movie?
  • Superhero, vampire, and Harry Potter movies all have big opening weekend, but no film raked in anywhere near as much as Avatar.

About the Data

The data includes films from 2008-2011. The data set is from the in the Information is Beautiful 'Hollywood Budgets' Challenge. The data was pruned to remove some films with missing data.
  • Profitability : Percent of budget recovered
  • Budget : Cost, in millions US Dollars
  • Worldwide Gross : Total revenue, in millions US Dollars
  • Domestic Gross : US revenue, in millions US Dollars
  • Foreign Gross : non-US revenue, in millions US Dollars
  • Opening Weekend Theaters : Number of US Theaters
  • Opening Weekend Revenue : Revenue, in millions US Dollars
  • Opening Weekend per Cinema : Average per cinema on opening weekend, in US Dollars
  • Audience Rating : Average audience score from Rotten Tomatoes, score: 1-100
  • Critic Rating : Average meta score of critical reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, score: 1-100
  • Studio : Name of the lead studio
  • Story : Name of the story type
  • Genre : Name of the genre from IMDB
  • Oscar : Names of Academy Award categories

Technologies Used

This project included the following libraries and technologies:
  • d3.js : for manipulating data and svg.
  • jQuery : for document traversal, event handling and more.
  • Bootstrap : for typography, layout, navigation and more
  • HTML5Boilerplate : for html5
  • This script for initially merging H5BP and Bootstrap.

About the Author

During the day John Goodall is a Research Scientist at ORNL who uses visual analytics to solve various problems.
On twitter, where he posts about infovis, d3, node.js and various other topics: @johnrgoodall

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