John Goodall

Research Scientist / Team Lead

Situation Awareness and Visual Analytics team

Oak Ridge National Laboratory



Git backed wiki - Gollum 14 Nov 2012

I just noticed, via onethingwell, a new tool called Commonplace that acts as a server for your markdown files, basically providing pretty markdown rendering and basic editing functionality. Kind of like a wiki. I use marked for viewing markdown files. marked a great mac app developed by Brett Terpestra, creator of nvAlt, a Notational Velocity fork. From TextMate 2, or from other common text editors, you can install a bundle to integrate easily with marked, and you can add your own custom styles for viewing the markdown. I created a style inspired by the great solarized color palette.

Keep gh-pages in sync with master 26 Oct 2012

I wanted to add the source for a web site to the master branch of a project, build static html from that, and keep those changes in sync with the gh-pages branch to automatically deploy to github pages on each commit.

Tako web framework 20 Sep 2012

There are a bunch of node.js web frameworks. They provide support for routing, templating, and Express is probably the most common and mature. It uses Connect for its middleware component. It is pretty awesome, with lots of middleware available (try npm search connect- and npm search express-). It has been around for a while, is probably the most heavily used, and is under current development. It is flexible in terms of the template engines that you use, but using jade, which makes writing html not suck nearly as much as usual, is installed by default. (There is also another library, consolidate, from the same ridiculously prolific developer of express and jade for hooking into a whole bunch of other template engines in express.)

What data visualization is not 25 Mar 2012

Wijmo is a company I had never heard of that creates libraries for building user interfaces in HTML5 and Jquery. Some of their widgets are open source, some are commercial.

Javascript statistics libraries 01 Feb 2012

There are a bunch of javascript statistics libraries for node.js and the browser around, but they arent always easy to find. Here are a couple that I have come across.