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John Goodall

Research Scientist / Team Lead

Situation Awareness and Visual Analytics team

Oak Ridge National Laboratory




Go Resources 17 Nov 2015

This is a list of resources for getting started with the go programming language.

Tell git to use https instead of git protocol 29 May 2013

Many corporate firewalls blocks the git protocol, causing tools like bower to fail without jumping through some hoops. But pretty much every firewall allows web traffic through, so you can always use https if your tools know about it. The solution is to tell git to always use https instead of git by running the following command:

Vagrant, Chef, and Berkshelf 21 May 2013

Vagrant is a tool to create portable, sharable development and testing environments. It is used to build, provision, and configure a virtual machine (by default, VirtualBox). Here we will configure Vagrant with nodejs and redis. Chef and berkshelf are used for provisioning.

HTML presentation frameworks 17 Jan 2013

There are loads of HTML5/CSS/JavaScript presentation frameworks out there. I had seen a couple of these in action and was kind of impressed. While Keynote is not as bad as PowerPoint, they both force you to think about design and content simultaneously. Because the design and layout is right in front of you, it can be hard to focus just on content, and I often find myself tweaking design when I should be thinking about content. So that led me to think, hey, wouldnt it be great if I could create my presentations with markdown or something similar?

Git backed wiki - Gollum 14 Nov 2012

I just noticed, via onethingwell, a new tool called Commonplace that acts as a server for your markdown files, basically providing pretty markdown rendering and basic editing functionality. Kind of like a wiki. I use marked for viewing markdown files. marked a great mac app developed by Brett Terpestra, creator of nvAlt, a Notational Velocity fork. From TextMate 2, or from other common text editors, you can install a bundle to integrate easily with marked, and you can add your own custom styles for viewing the markdown. I created a style inspired by the great solarized color palette.